Bunny Archer - The Pooyan remake!


 Bunny Archer is an amazing retro game about bunny, wolves, bubbles to relax. 

* Control of Bunny Archer:
- Tap and hold for a while to shoot. 
- Swipe up and down to move the bunny to different lanes

* Gameplay of Bunny Archer:
- The bunny move and shoot to stop wolves climbs mountains. 
- Your task is to help the bunny kill wolves as many as possible. 
- Amount of wolves will increase over time.
- When wolves climb up the mountain, it will take 3 seconds to bite next time. 
- When wolves were spilled into 4 door, they will run up catching the bunny which are pulling.

* Features of Bunny Archer:
- Sometime not only achieve high scores, but also see who generate higher tower from wolf carcasses.
- Realtime physic.

Download and play it right now!



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